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In 1836, Mikhail Lermontov visited Qusar, where he met with scientist-philosopher Haji Ali-efendi. There he heard “Ashiq Qarib” dastan from an eminent ahiq Lazgi Ahmad; he later wrote his famous work “Ashiq Qarib” based on its motifs. A home-museum of the poet is reserved in the city with a memorial plate, inscribed with the famous lines of Lermontov:[4]


For his antimonarchist speeches and love of freedom, M. Lermontov was exiled to theCaucasus, and he lived in Gusar in 1825-26. Here he wrote "The Captive of theCaucasus" and "Ashig Garib: Turk Fairy Tale." In Gusar, Lermontov stayed with his friend, a military doctor, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Alexandrovich Marshev. In memory of Mikhail Lermontov’s visit, a museum was established in Marshev’s house.